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A Few Questions

We guessed that you would have a few questions. We've compiled a number of the most common queries we receive. If you still have questions, please drop us an email at


    Even with lockdown easing and normality returning to the world we may still have issues getting your prize or reward to you. We have dramatically reduced the fulfilment timebut this could change should the COVID-19 situation become worse again.

  • Christmas - when will I receive my prize or reward?

    The last day to win a prize or claim a reward for you to receive it before Christmas will be Wednesday 15th December 2021. After this date all prizes and rewards will be fulfilled in January when the office opens again.

  • Christmas - when will I be contacted if I win a competition?

    For competitions that finish after Friday 17th December we will contact winners in January when the office opens again

  • Christmas - when will I be contacted if I claim a reward?

    For all reward claims that happen after Friday 17th December we will contact you in January when the office opens again.

  • Difference with prizes & rewards?

    Prizes are WON by playing a competition and getting the highest score. Rewards are real world prizes that players can receive when they redeem their Stars they have collected in-app

  • What are Stars?

    STARS are gotickety’s in game currency, which you collect for playing and sharing gotickety. Stars can be exchanged for albums, merch, tickets and other real world prizes in the Star Reward section in-app.

  • Can I buy Stars?

    No. You CANNOT buy STARS!! Collect STARS as you play games or get people to download and register with gotickety. Remember to use your unique sharing code or it won’t count!!

  • When will I receive the tickets I win?

    The tickets you win will be delivered up to 48 hours before the event. Only contact up to 7 days before the event if you haven’t received your tickets yet.

  • How will I get my tickets? bold

    Physical tickets will be sent out in the post and you will receive them up to 48 hours before the event. Digital tickets, from the promoter or ourselves, will be sent via email or the promoters app up to 48 hours before the event. Box Office Collection will see the winner collect the tickets from the venue on the day of the event.

  • My tickets are Box Office Collection?

    For tickets that will be collected at the box office on the day of the event… these tickets will be under the name of the winner. The winner will need to collect the tickets and will need to show ID with the same details as the name we have added to the box office. Nobody else can collect the tickets or be given the tickets. Please have your gotickety email ready to show the box office, should there be any issues. PLEASE NOTE - The box office will only open a few hours before the show so please only contact or the telephone number we provide once the box office has opened and you have spoken to someone at the venue!!

  • Do I need an ID when collecting my tickets?

    Yes, always take ID with you to the gig that represents the ticket winner’s name.

  • Can I change the ticket venue or type?

    We are unable to change venue, seat or area you are in. The ticket has already been allocated to you. If you cannot attend the event, we will have to revoke your tickets.

  • What happens if the event is cancelled or rescheduled?

    If the event is cancelled we will let you know and will offer you an alternative prize. If postponed, the event will be rescheduled and we will update you once a new date has been set.

  • When will I get my REWARD?

    We aim to get your reward out to you as quickly as possible but no later than a month from when you claim in-app. If there is a delay, this is due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions or availability of the product. You will receive a delivery email once your item is sent out. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at

  • Can more than one person in a household play?

    More than one person in a household can play gotickety and win prizes. If there is a problem with an account, our security team will flag it as suspicious and an email will be sent with some questions to be answered.

  • When do you post rewards?

    Normally our rewards are processed twice a month and we aim to deliver you rewards within 14 days of receiving your claim. However, given the current COVID-19 pandemic these will be longer. Please bear with us during this difficult period.

  • Security have flagged my account, WHY?

    At gotickety, we are extremely vigilant regarding security of our competitions and game. Our system monitors multiple aspects of the app and will from time to time highlight or flag accounts who may be gaming our system. Our security team will guide you through their process to ascertain how and why the account has been flagged. They will complete a full investigation and will deliver their decision. This will be full and final and no further discussion will take place.

  • Can I have more than 1 active account?

    Each player is only allowed one active account.

  • Will you be adding more PRIZES and REWARDS?

    We add new competitions, prizes and rewards from time to time. The best way to hear about these is to turn on NOTIFICATIONS. We also suggest opening gotickety every day to check.

  • All the REWARDS have gone?

    Gotickety is a game. The reward section is also gamified. Sometimes the STAR value is high, sometimes they are low. Do you save up for a big prize or get a smaller one whilst they are available? Not every player will get a reward, when they are gone… they are GONE!

  • How many prizes can I win?

    You can claim 1 reward - per player - in each quarter. You can claim one artists related reward - per player - per year.

  • How many rewards can I claim?

    You can claim 1 reward - per player - in each quarter. You can claim one artists related reward - per player - per year.

  • Why did all my stars go to zero?

    In the interest of fairness, all players STARS are RESET at the end of each quarter. This is to prevent bulk storage, which may result in players not having a fair chance to get a reward.

  • I have run out of lives?

    You can earn another life by watching an advert all the way through or, alternatively, you can wait until your lives reset. The wait is - approximately - 15 mins per life.

  • Why can’t I see my scores?

    To compete to win prizes or claim rewards on gotickety, you must be fully registered. Once you are fully registered, your scores will be entered into the competition and will appear on the leaderboard.

  • Why can't I play offline?

    To submit your score into the competition you must have internet signal. If you play offline, your scores cannot be entered into the competition.

  • Why do I need notifications?

    Notifications are used to inform you of brand new competitions and artist channels. Notifications are also used to let you know if you have won a prize and to initiate the claiming process.


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