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A Few Questions

We guessed that you would have a few questions. We've compiled a number of the most common queries we receive. If you still have questions, please drop us an email at;

  • Is it really FREE?

    Yes, playing, winning and getting rewards costs absolutely nothing. There are no in-app purchases or hidden costs.

  • How quickly do I receive my reward?

    Once you have claimed your reward, you will receive it within 28 days. If you still haven't received it, please contact us at;

  • When will I receive tickets I win?

    Tickets will be issued up to 48 hours prior to the performance. If you haven't received your tickets,please contact us at;

  • How do I get higher scores?

    If you answer the quiz questions correctly, you get a score multiplier. If you answer five answers correctly in a row, the question icons disappear allowing room for more combinations and then a higher score.

  • Will more Artists be added?

    Over the coming weeks and months we have some of the biggest and most popular Artists in the world dropping on gotickety.

  • Why did all my stars go to zero?

    In the spirit of fairness, we are resetting the stars to zero every three months. This prevents abuse of the reward program and provides everyone with a better chance of landing some of our fantastic rewards.

  • Why I'm asked general music questions?

    For every channel, half the questions are artist-specific whilst the other half are general music questions (often linked only by genre). This is so that the game gives everyone an opportunity to win, not just the super-fans. We think this helps ensure the game is fair to everyone. We also think it’s a good way to let fans learn more, not just about their favourite artists but wider general music knowledge.

  • Why can’t I see my scores?

    To compete to win prizes on gotickety, you must be fully registered. Once you are fully registered, your scores will be entered into the competition and will appear on the leaderboard.

  • Why can’t I play offline?

    To submit your score into the competition you must have internet signal. If you play offline, your scores cannot be entered into the competition.

  • I have run out of lives?

    You can earn another life by watching an advert all the way through or, alternatively, you can wait until your lives are reset. The wait is - approximately - 15 minutes per star.

  • Why do I need notifications?

    Notifications are used to inform you of brand new competitions and artist channels. Notifications are also used to let you know if you have won a prize and to initiate the claiming process.


Think Candy Crush & Quiz Up meets the music industry!

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