Prize Winners & Rewards - Claiming Limits Overview:

gotickety has been built by fans, for fans. We want to give everyone a fair chance to try to win prizes through playing games. Below is an overview of the rules relating to the competitions that we run in gotickety:

  • Players must be registered to enter a score to win a prize.
  • Unregistered players game scores will not be entered in to the competition and will be lost.
  • Prize winners must be a resident in the United Kingdom.
  • ID matching the registration details may be required prior to the prize being awarded.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred, sold or given to any other person whether they are a gotickety player or not.
  • Players under 18 need parental consent to enter our competitions.
  • Players in the Top 20 of any prize competition will need to claim the prize in-app within the claim period after a competition has closed.
  • The prize winner is the person highest on the leaderboard to have claimed the prize in the allotted claim period.
  • Prize Limits (per player):

  • Maximum of one (1) prize wins in any calendar quarter.
  • Maximum of one (1) Artist specific prize in any calendar year
  • Star Reward Scheme Overview:

    gotickety has installed a Star Reward scheme in-app to give players the opportunity to exchange their stars, earned through gameplay and getting new downloads, for rewards:

  • To collect and redeem stars, players must be registered.
  • Stars cannot be traded, awarded to or exchanged with other gotickety players.
  • ID matching the registration details may be required prior to the rewarded content being sent out.
  • Star value of rewarded items can go up and down at any point, without notice.

    Star Reward Limits (per player):

  • Maximum of one (1) rewarded items in any single quarter.
  • Maximum of one (1) piece of Artist specific rewarded item in one calendar year.
  • One (1) piece of rewarded content at a time. (Eg - players can’t claim two sets of the same headphones/tickets/merch etc)
  • Star Reset Overview:

    In the interest of fairness, we RESET every players stars at the end of the quarter. This is to prevent bulk storage, which may result in gotickety players not having a fair chance to achieve the rewards that we put offer in-app.

    We will message via email to remind players when the reset date is close. However, we do not take responsibility for players not receiving these messages or for not being aware of the following reset dates:

    • 1st January - 00:00:01
    • 1st April - 00:00:01
    • 1st July – 00:00:01
    • 1st October – 00:00:01

    Players will begin to collect stars from these dates and are able to redeem rewards as soon as they have enough stars to do so.

    We reserve the right to change any of the above elements or remove the Star Reward scheme at any time. For gotickety’s full terms and conditions relating to use of the app, competitions and the Star Reward scheme please click HERE.


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